Committed to Being Green

We are Silver Level Green Certified!

Harvey House received the Green Leaders award from Trip Advisor and we work with the LEED Green Team to promote responsible green travel. We carefully select suppliers and products and are committed to Green Leadership. We have taken various green initiatives to help reduce our energy use and we encourage guests to compost and recycle waste and reuse towels when possible. We have recently installed state of the art Honeywell heating and cooling systems with individual thermostats in each room, and the guests love it because they can control their temperature! Guests also have the ability open windows for fresh air in the rooms. This significantly reduces energy use because it doesn’t require heating and cooling in unoccupied rooms. We also compost and recycle in the kitchen, use Flavia green certified coffee that can be composted and recycled (representing a major upgrade from Keurig coffee), use green cleaning products wherever possible, and have film installed on a select number of windows to conserve heat and air conditioning. Even though our occupancy and utility use is much higher than most single family homes in the area, our energy usage is equivalent with properties one third our size. Harvey House is dedicated saving energy so that we can support a healthier, greener earth.

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