New at Harvey House

At ten years, the Inn seems still in its early stages! We take on several new projects each year, and are lucky enough to have about 30% repeat guests, so many of you have seen us grow up a bit! This last year we rearranged the common area. We changed the location of the couch and chairs, and added bistro tables and a beverage station.

Another major “something new” at Harvey House is our new line of pottery. A very talented guest, Anita Hughes, from Lafayette, LA, stayed with us a while ago. We loved her work and commissioned her to make the Harvey House line of pottery, which includes plates, coffee mugs, and platters that we serve food on at the Inn. It has been her goal to create pottery that is unique in style, artistic, and that it be something functional, thus creating pottery where art and function collie. We are selling Anita’s pottery line at Harvey House and are passing along fabulous pricing. The pieces are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. They are a joy to serve our creations on, and they make breakfast even more special for the guests who get to use them. Anita also makes amazing pottery sunflowers that we display in our yard. They stayed out all year long and made it through our most brutal winter!

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